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Permanent Exhibition
Floor Plan
  - floor 1
  - floor 2
  - floor 3

Temporary and Mobile Exhibition
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  Permanent Exhibition
Floor 1
Born Royal, Courtship and Marriage, The Wedding and Early Married life, The Investiture as Queen, Far, but Not Away, from Cares Sans Souci-on-Sea, Life’s Transformations, A Right Royal Homecoming, Life in the Country at Suan Ban Kaew, Chantaburi, The New Dawn of Happiness at Sukhodaya Palace, Fond Farewell as the Sun Sets
Floor 2
Early life of King Prajadhipok, Royal Interest in Film Making, Life after abdication and royal demise
Floor 3
The Coronation of King Prajadhipok in 1925, Royal activities, The 150th Anniversary Celebrations of the Founding of Bangkok in 1932,
The Revolution of June 24, 1932, The Royal Ceremony of Granting the Constitution in 1932

  Coming Exhibition
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